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 Consent to collection of personal information (required)
1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information
- When applying online for the Unima website, personal information is collected and used for the purpose of identification to prevent personal information theft.
2. Items of personal information to be collected
- Required items: Online pre-application required items and portrait rights data
- I agree to provide data when requesting a passport number separately.
3. Period of retention and use of personal information
The collected personal information will be held and used during the period of providing all services related to the Unima General Assembly in 2025, and the personal information will be destroyed without delay if the purpose of collection and use is achieved or the retention and use period ends. However, personal information shall be preserved for a certain period of time prescribed by the relevant statutes, such as handling complaints and dispute settlement related to the provision of services.
4. Other matters (collection and use of personal information and provision and utilization of portrait rights)
- Consent to the use of photography and portrait rights
During the event, I agree that the work related to portrait photography works taken for the purpose of non-profit use in online and offline media, promotions, and recording materials will be used.
5. Right to refuse consent and disadvantages due to refusal of consent
Users have the right to refuse consent to personal information collected on the Unima website, and they can withdraw their consent at any time. In addition, if you want to refuse to use the personal information already provided, you can request deletion through the personal information management manager. However, the use of the service may be restricted if you refuse to agree to collect and use personal information necessary for the use of the service, withdrawal of consent, or request deletion.
Do you agree to the above collection and use of personal information and portrait rights?