Unima ?
유니마 로고
Introduction to Unima

Founded in 1929 in Prague, Czech Republic (now located in Charlesville-Mezier, France),
UNIMA (Union Internationale de Marionette),
a non-profit international organization under UNESCO, is known to be.
The only international puppet show-related organization that strives to support festivals for the development of puppet shows,
research on puet shows, and foster professional puppet shows.
Unima Korea Introduction
Unima Korea is based on the founding purpose of the International Puppet Play Federation
(UNIMA, hereinafter referred to as Unima)
We aim for contribute to the globalization of Korean puppet shows by supporting festivals,
researching, and fostering professional education for puppet shows for
the development of domestic puppet shows, and serving as a platform for mutual exchanges and international exchanges.

Once every four years, Unima gathers more than 100 member countries around the world to vote on which
member countries (city) will host the World Puppet Show.
Chuncheon City was selected as the venue for the 2025 World Unima Congress
at the 23rd Unima Congress held online in April 2021.
We will do our best to host the best Unima Congress and Festival in 2025
International UNIMA
  • 101 member states have more than 10,000 members
  • It consists of 16 subcommittees, including Chairman Unima (Karen Smith/Australia), Secretary-General (Dimitri Jageneau/Belgium), Secretariat (Emmanuel Gastang/France) and Puppet Arts Education, Puppet Therapy, Cultural Heritage, Modern Publishing, and Five Continental Committees
  • The UNIMA Congress selects the next general meeting place through voting by each country (between 1 ~ 4 chapters) every four years
  • ESNAM is an international school specializing in puppet shows run by International Unima, helping to train and produce new puppet shows, and is also operating a puppet show-related research institute
  • FMTM is the world's largest puppet show festival and is held every other year in Charlesville-Mezier, France
  • 101개 회원국
  • 1만 여명 회원
  • 5대 대륙별 위원회