United Kingdom
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The Central School of Speech

The Central School of Speech and Drama and Drama in London, England
(hereinafter referred to as the Central School) has become one of the most prominent practical schools in the field, producing pioneering artists leading experimental modern plays not only in the UK but also throughout Europe.
There are puppet theater-related departments in the BA (Bachelor's Course, 3 years) and MA (Master's Course, 1 year), respectively.
Central School is planning a puppet show process by developing a program to create a new play in cooperation with other stage artists, suggesting an alternative to the future stage to puppet shows around the world at a time when new demands of various modern plays arise.

The BA course is a highly experimental school course, and not only has a solid place in the UK, but it is also a different category of puppetry in particular
It has a significant reputation for the pioneering puppeteers of the Visual Theatre and the Physical Theatre.
The Puppetry and Obiect Theater in the Advanced Theater Practice (MA) is a one-year course, and other specialists in the play. It consists of an opportunity to experiment with their functions through collaborative creation and collaboration by forming a course with writers, sound designers, lighting designers, drama terrestrial, cinematographers, set designers, actors, and directors.

Homepage: https://www.cssd.ac.uk/