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Chuncheon City is a city in the northwestern part of Gangwon-do, South Korea.
It is located in the west of the Taebaeksanmaek Mountains and is a hub city in the Yeongseo region. It is the starting and ending point of the Gyeongchun Line railway, and the Jungang Expressway and the Seoul Yangyang Expressway intersect.
It is a basin topography surrounded by the Taebaeksan Mountain Range with an altitude of more than 1,000m. It forms a city center in the alluvial area where the Bukhangang River and the Soyang River merge with Bonguisan Mountain.
There are many lakes such as Soyang Lake, Chuncheon Lake, and Uiam Lake, which serve as a flood control downstream and tourist destinations and inland water. The city hall is located in Okcheon-dong, and the administrative district is 1 eup, 9 myeon, and 15 dong.

Chuncheon is a city that uses spring Chun and Naecheon characters, and has the meaning of a downtown where spring comes.
It is called a lakeside city surrounded by Uiam Lake, Chuncheon Lake, and Soyang Lake, and there are especially many mountains and rivers, so you can feel spring early. It is a place where you can feel peace and warm sunlight.
It is also famous for producing numerous artists and talents based on this natural background, and it is a cozy city that anyone, whether traveling or MT, has visited at least once.
Chuncheon is the city that is like a memory of youth.