We sincerely welcome all of you to the UNIMA KOREA website.
UNIMA is the acronym for Union Internationale de la Marionnette and was founded on May 20, 1929 in Prague, Czech Republic. This organization aims for puppetry art without discrimination to race, politics and religion.

UNIMA was established to promote mutual understanding and contribute to world peace for all people through puppetry.
It is the world's oldest international performing arts organization in the world and is a non-governmental organization that cooperates with UNESCO.

The members of UNIMA consist of more than 100 countries and they vote every four years to select the city to hold the UNIMA CONGRESS.

UNIMA KOREA established a Korean branch of UNIMA in Seoul in 1979 and was registered as a social organization. In June of 2020 UNIMA KOREA established a new branch in Chuncheon.

In accordance with the purpose of UNIMA, UNIMA KOREA will strive to provide education and guidance for the development of puppet theater, and contribute to the active exchange among its members and the vitalization of international exchange with UNIMA Centers around the world.

UNIMA KOREA will share information regarding its current situation and trends in Korea and abroad to galvanize Korean puppetry and actively share and communicate with the international puppetry community.

We ask for your active encouragement and support for UNIMA KOREA’S activities.
President of UNIMA KOREA 임정미
  • (C) 010-4301-1023
  • (T) 070-4808-0682
  • (F) 033-242-8467
Key Activity History
General Status
  • Established Unima Korea in 1979
  • Unima Korea was founded in May 1979
  • World Unima Conference to be held in Chuncheon in 1979
major history
  • 2020Preparing to establish Asia's first puppet theater school
    China Yangzhou, China, Korea, China, Korea, Japan puppet show case invitation work
    Mask production and mask sharing activities around the world during the pandemic situation
    Creative support for revitalizing puppet shows in Korea (operation of mentoring courses for directing experts)
  • 2021Chuncheon has been confirmed as the venue for the World Unima Congress in 2025.
    Participation and organization of International Unima Executive Committee and Subcommittee Members.
    Domestic and foreign puppet show video competitions (over 100 teams participated, combined at home and abroad)
  • 2022World Puppet Play Day Video Puppet Play Production and Distribution of 'Fish with Wings'
    Domestic and international puppet show video competition (Recycle & Peace)
    Hosted and organized the Chuncheon AVIAMA Global Symposium and Exhibition
Award experience and activity performance
  • Chuncheon Unima Congress confirmed to be held in 2025
  • Unima Indian puppet show grand prize donation (during the 2021 pandemic situation)
  • December 2021 Puppet Art Festival
  • Donation Activities for the Grand Prize in Grand Prize
  • More than 90 puppet shows are held through domestic and international puppet shows