[The 32nd Chuncheon Doll Festival special newsletter] Do you know UNIMA?
Day2022-11-28 14:21:40

The UNIMA-World Puppet Theatre Federation (UNIMA) is the world's oldest world performing arts federation, which began on 20 May 1929 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. In 1981, Jacques Felix moved the federation's headquarters to Charles Villemezier, France. It is an official international puppet show private organization under UNESCO and currently has members of world puppet shows and artists from 90 countries.

Unima Korea is the Korean headquarters of the World Puppet Theater Federation, which approved the corporation last year and opened its secretariat in June for the first time. As the front-line base of the international exchange platform to establish Chuncheon City as a mecca for world puppet shows, it aims to establish a bridgehead for domestic puppet shows as well as domestic matching projects with leading overseas puppet shows. Currently, it is conducting a research project on implementation measures for the establishment (tentative name) of the Asian Puppet Theater School, which has been a long-cherished project for Korean puppetry, and is also discussing the reopening of the newly renovated Juncheon Puppet Theater Museum and educational cooperation programs.