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Chuncheon dreams of future art while learning new art in Korea's cultural capital!

Chuncheon dreams of future art while learning new art in Korea's cultural capital!

-Open an online forum for experts to discover models for Asian puppet shows.

e (G) Unima Korea (Chairman Lim Jung-mi) will host an online forum with domestic related institutions and performance experts ahead of the establishment of Asia's first puppet theater support center (tentative Asian puppet theater school), which will be scheduled in Chuncheon.

e The Asia Puppet Drama School Model Discovery forum, which will start online at 2 p.m. on the 19th (Sat), will examine the situation of the puppet theater at home and abroad and explore the sustainability of the organization's operation through the cases of similar institutions in Korea.

이번 In this forum, part 1 proposes a model for a puppet show school through the case of similar institutions, and part 2 is a puppet show viewed by performance critics
It consisted of a time to explore ways to revitalize and expand puppet shows through genre criticism.

ㅿ Part 1 - Palm Theater CEO Yoo Jin-woo / Theater Company CEO Kim Tae-yong / Seoul Foundation for Arts Creation Team Leader Kim Hong-cheon / Korean Film Academy Team Leader Kim Hong-cheon
Part 2 - Theater critic Um Yeon-hee / Performance columnist Kim Il-song / Theater critic Kim Min-kwan / Dance critic Kim Nam-soo
e Chuncheon City, which has built a reputation as a city of Chuncheon Doll Festival, Chuncheon Mime Festival, Chuncheon Art Festival, and Chuncheon Theater Je-dong Culture and Arts Festival, expects to establish itself as the first performing arts center in Korea that combines basic arts education and civic arts education. In addition to discovering and training young artists, re-education of experts centered on the creative process, as well as general civic art education activities are expected to be carried out systematically with leading experts at home and abroad.

• Lim Jung-mi, chairman of Unima Korea, said through the center, "We want to create a converting culture city of Chuncheon and a culture city specializing in puppet shows by producing professional puppet shows that everyone can enjoy beyond the limitations of children's plays."

e Unima Korea, which hosts the Asia Puppet School Model Discovery Forum, is located in Chuncheon Puppet Theater as a Korean branch of the International Puppet Federation (UNIMA), and plans to strengthen its network to spread the specialties and strengths of Korean puppetry as well as Chuncheon through exchanges with more than 100 member countries around the world.

ᆷ The forum is available to anyone through online channel YouTube and will be received as an idea for the establishment of a school through real-time comments.
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Chuncheon dreams of future art while learning new art in Korea's cultural capital!